Meaning of TERRIER in English


I. ˈterēə(r), chiefly dial ˈtar- noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin ( liber ) terrarius, literally, book relating to land, from Latin liber book + Medieval Latin terrarius of earth, of land — more at leaf

1. : a register (as in a book or roll) of English real property:

a. : one listing the names of vassals or tenants with details of their holdings, services, and rents : rent-roll

b. : one in which the lands of a private person or of a corporation are described by site, boundaries, and acreage ; especially : one detailing the real property of a parish church

2. obsolete : an inventory of property or goods

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: French ( chien ) terrier, literally, earth dog, from chien dog (from Latin canis ) + terrier of earth, from Medieval Latin terrarius of earth, of land, from Latin terra earth, land + -arius -ary — more at hound , terrace

: any of various usually small and rather low-built dogs (as an airedale, fox terrier, schnauzer) kept chiefly as pets but originally used by hunters to dig for small furred game and engage the quarry underground or drive it out of its hole — compare bullterrier ; see fox terrier illustration

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