Meaning of TERRIER in English


terrier 1

/ter"ee euhr/ , n.

1. any of several breeds of usually small dogs, used originally to pursue game and drive it out of its hole or burrow.

2. ( cap. ) U.S. Mil. a surface-to-air, two-stage antiaircraft missile.

[ 1400-50; chien terrier lit., dog of the earth ( terrarius; see TERRA, -IER 2 ); so called because used to start badgers from their burrows; r. late ME terrere 2 ) ]

terrier 2

/ter"ee euhr/ , n. Law.

a book or document in which are described the site, boundaries, acreage, tenants, etc., of certain lands.

[ 1470-80; registre terrier register of land ( terrarius; see TERRA, -IER 2 ); r. earlier terrere 2 ]

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