Meaning of THEOREM in English


I. ˈthēərəm, ˈthi(ə)r- sometimes ˈthēr- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Late Latin theorema, from Greek theōrēma sight, spectacle, theory, theorem, from theōrein to look at, behold, contemplate, consider, from theōros spectator, from thea sight, view — more at theater


a. : a statement in mathematics that has been proved or whose truth has been conjectured

b. : a rule or statement of relations (as the binomial theorem) expressed in a formula or by symbols

c. : a formula, proposition, or statement in logic deduced from a set of axioms

2. : an idea accepted or proposed as a demonstrable truth and often forming part of a general theory : proposition , theory

an arms policy based on the theorem that the best defense is offense

Synonyms: see principle

II. noun

1. : stencil

2. : a painting produced especially on velvet by the use of stencils for each color

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