Meaning of THICKNESS in English


I. noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English thiknesse, from Old English thicnes, from thicce, adjective, thick + -nes -ness

1. : the quality or state of being thick

2. : the smallest of three dimensions

the length, width, and thickness of a sheet of paper

the length, height, and thickness of a wall

the length, circumference, and thickness of a log


a. : viscous consistency

boiled to the thickness of honey

b. : the condition of being smoky, foul, or foggy — used of the air


a. : roughness or harshness of breathing

b. : dullness of hearing

c. : a blurring or indistinctness of speech

5. : the thick part of something

this winding stair had been constructed in the thickness of the castle wall — Sax Rohmer

6. : density of aggregation : concentration

the relative thickness of population in any given area — Edward Sapir

7. : dullness of mind or perception : stupidity

made up my mind to forgive your thickness — Anne Green

8. : layer , ply , sheet

the number of thicknesses of boxboard was reduced from 244 to 60 — Paper Trade Journal

a single thickness of canvas

9. : fullness of content or meaning : firmness , solidity , voluminousness

that forgotten moral thickness for which so many of us were sick — Herbert Gold

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

1. : to make uniform in thickness (as flooring planks)

2. : to cover or coat in thicknessing

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