Meaning of TRAILER in English


I. ˈtrālə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: trail (I) + -er

1. : one that trails or follows a trail: as

a. : one that tracks : hunter

a master shot, a trailer who was a match for any Apache — Stanley Walker

b. : one that travels over a trail

here the trailers of yesterday … inscribed names and dates — A.B.Guthrie

2. : something that trails or touches the ground in moving or hanging: as

a. : a trailing plant : creeper 3

b. : trailing wheel

c. : a sprag to prevent a vehicle from running backward

3. : one that trails, follows, or lags behind: as

a. : a hunting dog that yields the initiative to its bracemate

b. : a player in various goal games (as hockey, basketball, or soccer) that follows closely a teammate who is dribbling the puck or ball


(1) : a short motion-picture film made up of snatches from a feature picture and displayed in advance for advertising purposes

(2) : a short film shown for the purpose of making an announcement to the theater audience

(3) : a short length of blank film attached to the finish end of a reel so that the film will continue to feed through the projector mechanism after the light and sound are turned off — compare leader 1m

d. : music played for the close or fade-out of a performance (as of a theatrical skit or a film)

for my last trailer , I'll use Only a Rose — Gypsy Lee

4. : a vehicle or one in a succession of vehicles hauled usually by some other vehicle: as

a. : a car on a streetcar line pulled by another car

b. : a light 2-wheeled car pulled (as by a bicycle or motorcycle)

c. : a nonautomotive highway or industrial-plant vehicle designed to be hauled (as by a tractor, motor truck, or passenger automobile)

flatbed trailer

truck trailer

goods trailer

d. : one of several logging sleds that are hauled tandem by steam or gasoline power or by four to eight horses

e. : an automobile-drawn highway vehicle designed to serve wherever it is parked as a dwelling or as a place of business (as an office, laboratory, or field headquarters)

5. : frogger 1

6. : pusher 1e

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

: to transport (a boat) by means of a trailer

trailering an outboard cruiser from one body of water to another

intransitive verb

1. : to live or travel in a trailer

trailering about the country

2. : to be transportable by trailer

a light boat that trailers easily

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.