Meaning of VIOLET in English


I. ˈvīələ̇t sometimes ˈvīl-; usu -ə̇.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French violete, diminutive of viole violet, from Latin viola, of non-Indo-European origin; akin to the source of Greek ion violet


a. : a plant of the genus Viola ; especially : one of the small-flowered forms as distinguished from the typically larger-flowered violas and pansies

b. : any of several plants (as a dogtooth violet) of genera other than Viola


a. : any of a group of colors that resemble those of violets (sense 1) and are of reddish blue hue, low lightness, and medium saturation

b. : a reddish blue hue that is evoked in the normal observer under normal conditions by radiant energy of wavelength 420 millimicrons

3. : cloth or clothing of the color violet

4. : a pigment or dye that imparts a violet color

5. : any of numerous small violet-colored butterflies of the family Lycaenidae

6. : an overly fastidious, modest, or retiring person

a shrinking violet

a blushing violet

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violet 1a


II. transitive verb

( violetted ; violetted ; violetting ; violets )

: to make violet-hued

III. ˈvīəˌlet noun

( -s )

Etymology: Italian violetta — more at violette

: violette I ; specifically : viola d'amore

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