Meaning of VORTEX in English


ˈvȯr]ˌteks, -ȯ(ə)] noun

( plural vorti·ces ]d.əˌsēz ; also vortex·es ]ˌteksə̇z)

Etymology: New Latin, from Latin vertex, vortex whirl, whirlpool — more at vertex


a. : a supposed collection of particles of very subtle matter endowed with a rapid rotary motion around an axis which is also the axis of a sun or a planet

b. : something resembling such rapid rotary motion

look forward to a time when human beings shall have sloughed off the body and become vortices of thought — Harper's

2. : a region within a body of fluid in which the fluid elements have an angular velocity




(1) : a rapidly spiraling column of air : tornado , whirlwind ; especially : the eye of a cyclone

(2) : a rapidly spinning current of water : maelstrom , whirlpool

(3) : an eddying current in the slipstream of an airplane


(1) : something that resembles a whirlwind or whirlpool : swirl , whirl

the hellish vortex of battle — Time

such a vortex of accepted invitations … makes me positively dizzy — Siegfried Sassoon

created a vortex of speculation wherever she passed — V.L.Parrington

(2) : a turbulent center

became the howling vortex of an alarmed hospital — Earle Birney

politically and commercially it has become the vortex of eastern South Jersey — American Guide Series: New Jersey

(3) : a situation or predicament into which one is irresistibly drawn

the conflict 107 drew into its vortex the best energies of a generation — American Guide Series: Virginia

was sucked into the vortex of the … scandal — G.H.Genzmer

(4) : the spiral arrangement of the muscular fibers at the apex of the heart

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