Meaning of BREAKER in English


breaker 1

/bray"keuhr/ , n.

1. a person or thing that breaks.

2. a wave that breaks or dashes into foam.

3. CB Radio Slang. a person who indicates a wish to transmit a message, as by breaking in on a channel.

4. Also called breaker strip . Auto. a strip of fabric under the tread of a pneumatic tire casing, designed to protect the carcass.

5. Textiles.

a. brake 1 (def. 4).

b. a machine that separates the fiber from foreign matter in preparation for the carding process.

6. Also called prairie breaker . a plow with a long, low moldboard for turning virgin land.

7. Elect. See circuit breaker .

8. Mining.

a. a building where coal delivered from a mine is broken up and sorted.

b. a machine that reduces large lumps of coal or ore to a size that can be accommodated by a conveyor belt.

9. a break dancer.


10. CB Radio Slang. (used to announce that a person is about to transmit a message or question on a channel, esp. one already in use.)

[ 1125-75; ME; see BREAK, -ER 1 ]

Syn. 2. See wave .

breaker 2

/bray"keuhr/ , n. Naut.

a small water cask for use in a boat.

[ 1825-35; said to be alter. of Sp bareca, var. of barrica small keg ]

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