Meaning of BREAKER in English


I. ˈbrākə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English breker, from breken to break + -er — more at break

1. : one that breaks

a breaker of idols

a breaker of oaths

a veteran breaker of horses

2. : a device or instrument that breaks:

a. : a machine for breaking up the woody part of flax, hemp, or jute

b. : a plow with a moldboard arrangement facilitating turning over virgin land — see prairie breaker , rod breaker


(1) : a machine that tears apart clumps of textile fiber as a step toward carding and spinning

(2) : a papermaking machine similar to a beater but used to break up rags and brush out their threads and to disintegrate old papers for reuse

(3) : one of a series of perforated projections used in a revolving tumbler or drum for treating skins

(4) : a machine or plant for breaking rocks or for crushing, sorting, and cleaning anthracite


(1) : fleshing knife

(2) : an implement that breaks curd into pieces in cheese making

(3) : an implement with long teeth replacing a blade for breaking cake into pieces


(1) : circuit breaker

(2) : a mechanically operated commutator

(3) : a spark-coil interrupter

f. : a strip of open-weave fabric placed above the dome of a tire carcass to provide additional protection at the point of its closest approach to contact with the road


a. : a wave breaking into foam against the shore, against a sandbank, or against a rock or reef near the surface

b. : a slight furrow across a road for drainage

4. : a person whose work consists of breaking: as

a. Britain : one that breaks up ships or autos into salvage and scrap

b. : the operator of a textile breaker

c. : an operator of a machine that softens hides or skins by pounding them with hammers

d. : scrapper

e. : a quarry worker who splits off blocks of stone by driving wedges into previously made holes or channels — called also ledgeman

f. : a power-shear operator who cuts formed angle-iron stock to length

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: by folk etymology from Spanish barrica, from French dialect (Gascony) barrique

: a small water cask especially for use in a lifeboat

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