Meaning of BREAKDOWN in English


I. ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ noun

( -s )

Etymology: break down

1. : the action or result of breaking down ; especially : a situation in which machinery becomes inoperative through breakage or wear : an ending of effective operation

flooding of the mine caused by a breakdown of the pumps


a. : a physical, mental, or nervous collapse : a sometimes sudden marked loss of health, strength, faculties, or ability to cope

suffering a breakdown after years of overwork

b. : break II 3g

c. : surrender to agitation or emotion : loss of self-control


a. : failure of operation : disruption checking progress or effectiveness : a condition marked by futile ineffectiveness : collapse , disintegration

the breakdown of the negotiations between the countries

a breakdown of communications with the territories

a breakdown of tribal customs

b. : failure of insulation ; especially : failure of an insulating material (as air, oil, porcelain, or rubber) to prevent passage of an electric discharge


a. : a noisy rapid shuffling dance ; especially : a dance engaged in competitively by groups or pairs in succession

b. : a tune suitable for such a dance

5. : the part of a drop-forging die that distributes the metal of the work after it leaves the fuller by bending and shaping it in preparation for forging in the roughing die — called also edger, side cut


a. : decomposition ; especially : chemical decomposition (as of a complex compound)

b. : softening or plasticization of rubber especially by mastication

c. : a disorganization of cellular tissue (as of stored apples) resulting in internal discoloration


a. : division into categories

a statistical breakdown of data

: analysis , classification ; specifically : division (of a job or operation) into several distinct processes or operations

b. : an explanation or account with specific headings or categories

a breakdown of the casualties according to various service branches

: an itemized account

a budget breakdown

a breakdown as to sources of revenue

c. : analysis of a movie script in the interest of economy and convenience in filming

8. : any amateur wrestling maneuver by which a contestant in advantage position forces his opponent to the mat from a position on his hands and knees or from a bridge position

II. adjective

1. Britain : used or employed to make repairs after a breakdown or wreck

a breakdown train speeding to the scene of the accident

2. : calculated to lower school-attendance requirements or to impair restrictions on child labor

a breakdown bill

3. : obtained or resulting from disintegration or decomposition of a substance

salvaging breakdown products

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