Meaning of BREAKDOWN in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ breɪkdaʊn ]

( breakdowns)


The breakdown of something such as a relationship, plan, or discussion is its failure or ending.

...the breakdown of talks between the US and EU officials.

...the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage...

= collapse

N-COUNT : usu sing , oft N of/in n


If you have a breakdown , you become very depressed, so that you are unable to cope with your life.

My personal life was terrible. My mother had died, and a couple of years later I had a breakdown...

N-COUNT : usu sing , oft adj N

see also nervous breakdown


If a car or a piece of machinery has a breakdown , it stops working.

Her old car was unreliable, so the trip was plagued by breakdowns...



A breakdown of something is a list of its separate parts.

The organisers were given a breakdown of the costs.

= analysis

N-COUNT : usu N of n

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