Meaning of CASCADE in English

— cascader , n.

/kas kayd"/ , n. , v. , cascaded, cascading .


1. a waterfall descending over a steep, rocky surface.

2. a series of shallow or steplike waterfalls, either natural or artificial.

3. anything that resembles a waterfall, esp. in seeming to flow or fall in abundance: a cascade of roses covering the wall.

4. (in a drain or sewer) a chain of steps for dissipating the momentum of falling water in a steep place in order to maintain a steady rate of flow.

5. an arrangement of a lightweight fabric in folds falling one over another in random or zigzag fashion.

6. a type of firework resembling a waterfall in effect.

7. Chem. a series of vessels, from each of which a fluid successively overflows to the next, thus presenting a large absorbing surface, as to a gas.

8. Elect. an arrangement of component devices, as electrolytic cells, each of which feeds into the next in succession.

9. Biochem. a series of reactions catalyzed by enzymes that are activated sequentially by successive products of the reactions, resulting in an amplification of the initial response.


10. to fall in or like a cascade.


11. to cause to fall in a cascade.

12. Elect. to arrange (components) in a cascade.

[ 1635-45; cascata, equiv. to casc ( are ) to fall ( casicare, equiv. to cas ( us ) fallen (ptp. of cadere ) + -ica- formative v. suffix + -re inf. ending) + -ata -ADE 1 ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .