Meaning of EXECUTIVE in English

— executively , adv. — executiveness , n.

/ig zek"yeuh tiv/ , n.

1. a person or group of persons having administrative or supervisory authority in an organization.

2. the person or persons in whom the supreme executive power of a government is vested.

3. the executive branch of a government.


4. of, pertaining to, or suited for carrying out plans, duties, etc.: executive ability.

5. pertaining to or charged with the execution of laws and policies or the administration of public affairs: executive appointments; executive committees.

6. designed for, used by, or suitable for executives: an executive suite.

[ 1400-50; late ME executivus, equiv. to L execut ( us ) (ptp. of ex ( s ) equi; see EXECUTE) + -ivus -IVE ]

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