Meaning of HEAT in English

— heatable , adj. — heatful , adj. — heatless , adj. — heatlike , adj.

/heet/ , n.

1. the state of a body perceived as having or generating a relatively high degree of warmth.

2. the condition or quality of being hot: the heat of an oven.

3. the degree of hotness; temperature: moderate heat.

4. the sensation of warmth or hotness: unpleasant heat.

5. a bodily temperature higher than normal: the heat of a fever; the feeling of heat caused by physical exertion.

6. added or external energy that causes a rise in temperature, expansion, evaporation, or other physical change.

7. Physics. a nonmechanical energy transfer with reference to a temperature difference between a system and its surroundings or between two parts of the same system. Symbol: Q

8. a hot condition of the atmosphere or physical environment; hot season or weather.

9. a period of hot weather.

10. a sharp, pungent flavor, as that produced by strong spices.

11. warmth or intensity of feeling; vehemence; passion: He spoke with much heat and at great length.

12. maximum intensity in an activity, condition, etc.; the height of any action, situation, or the like: the heat of battle; the heat of passion.

13. extreme pressure, as of events, resulting in tension or strain: In the heat of his hasty departure he forgot his keys.

14. a single intense effort; a sustained, concentrated, and continuous operation: The painting was finished at a heat.

15. Slang. intensified pressure, esp. in a police investigation.

16. Slang. the police.

17. Slang. armed protection, esp. a pistol, revolver, or other firearm: All guards carry some heat.

18. Sports.

a. a single course in or division of a race or other contest.

b. a race or other contest in which competitors attempt to qualify for entry in the final race or contest.

19. Metall.

a. a single operation of heating, as of metal in a furnace, in the treating and melting of metals.

b. a quantity of metal produced by such an operation.

20. Zool.

a. sexual receptiveness in animals, esp. females.

b. the period or duration of such receptiveness: to be in heat.


21. to make hot or warm (often fol. by up ).

22. to excite emotionally; inflame or rouse with passion.


23. to become hot or warm (often fol. by up ).

24. to become excited emotionally.

25. heat up , to increase or become more active or intense: Business competition will heat up toward the end of the year.

[ bef. 900; ME hete, OE haetu; akin to G Hitze; see HOT ]

Syn. 2. hotness, warmth. 3. caloricity. 11. ardor, fervor, zeal, flush, fever, excitement, impetuosity. 22. stimulate, warm, stir, animate.

Ant. 1. coolness. 11. indifference. 21. cool.

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .