Meaning of LOG in English


log 1

— loggish , adj.

/lawg, log/ , n. , v. , logged, logging .


1. a portion or length of the trunk or of a large limb of a felled tree.

2. something inert, heavy, or not sentient.

3. Naut. any of various devices for determining the speed of a ship, as a chip log or patent log.

4. any of various records, made in rough or finished form, concerning a trip made by a ship or aircraft and dealing with particulars of navigation, weather, engine performance, discipline, and other pertinent details; logbook.

5. Motion Pictures. an account describing or denoting each shot as it is taken, written down during production and referred to in editing the film.

6. a register of the operation of a machine.

7. Also called well log . a record kept during the drilling of a well, esp. of the geological formations penetrated.

8. Computers. any of various chronological records made concerning the use of a computer system, the changes made to data, etc.

9. Radio and Television. a written account of everything transmitted by a station or network.

10. Also called log of wood . Australian Slang. a lazy, dull-witted person; fool.


11. to cut (trees) into logs: to log pine trees for fuel.

12. to cut down the trees or timber on (land): We logged the entire area in a week.

13. to enter in a log; compile; amass; keep a record of: to log a day's events.

14. to make (a certain speed), as a ship or airplane: We are logging 18 knots.

15. to travel for (a certain distance or a certain amount of time), according to the record of a log: We logged 30 miles the first day. He has logged 10,000 hours flying time.


16. to cut down trees and get out logs from the forest for timber: to log for a living.

17. log in ,

a. Also, log on, sign on . Computers. to enter identifying data, as a name or password, into a multiuser system, so as to be able to do work with the system.

b. to enter or include any item of information or data in a record, account, etc.

18. log off or out , Computers. to terminate a work session using a multiuser system, or a connection to such a system.

[ 1350-1400; ME logge, var. of lugge pole, limb of tree; cf. obs. logget pole; see LUGSAIL, LOGBOOK ]

log 2

/lawg, log/ , n.

Math. logarithm.

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