Meaning of PARAMETER in English


— parametric /par'euh me"trik/ , parametrical , adj.

/peuh ram"i teuhr/ , n.

1. Math.

a. a constant or variable term in a function that determines the specific form of the function but not its general nature, as a in f ( x ) = ax, where a determines only the slope of the line described by f ( x ).

b. one of the independent variables in a set of parametric equations.

2. Statistics. a variable entering into the mathematical form of any distribution such that the possible values of the variable correspond to different distributions.

3. Computers. a variable that must be given a specific value during the execution of a program or of a procedure within a program.

4. Usually, parameters . limits or boundaries; guidelines: the basic parameters of our foreign policy.

5. characteristic or factor; aspect; element: a useful parameter for judging long-term success.

[ 1650-60; parametrum. See PARA- 1 , -METER ]

Usage. 4, 5. Some object strongly to the use of PARAMETER in these newer senses. Nevertheless, the criticized uses are now well established both in educated speech and in edited writing.

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