Meaning of SHINGLE in English


shingle 1

— shingler , n.

/shing"geuhl/ , n. , v. , shingled, shingling .


1. a thin piece of wood, slate, metal, asbestos, or the like, usually oblong, laid in overlapping rows to cover the roofs and walls of buildings.

2. a woman's close-cropped haircut.

3. Informal. a small signboard, esp. as hung before a doctor's or lawyer's office.

4. have or be a shingle short , Australian Slang. to be mentally disturbed, mad, or eccentric.

5. hang out one's shingle , Informal. to establish a professional practice, esp. in law or medicine; open an office.


6. to cover with shingles, as a roof.

7. to cut (hair) close to the head.

[ 1150-1200; ME scincle, sc ( h ) ingle scindula lath, shingle (ME -g- appar. by assoc. with another unidentified word), L scandula (ML -i- perh. by assoc. with Gk schíza lath, splinter, or related words) ]

shingle 2

/shing"geuhl/ , n.

1. small, waterworn stones or pebbles such as lie in loose sheets or beds on a beach.

2. a beach, riverbank, or other area covered with such small pebbles or stones.

[ 1530-40; appar. var. of earlier chingle; cf. Norw singel small stones ]

shingle 3

/shing"geuhl/ , v.t., shingled, shingling . Metalworking.

to hammer or squeeze (puddled iron) into a bloom or billet, eliminating as much slag as possible; knobble.

[ 1665-75; cingler to whip, beat zängeln, deriv. of Zange TONGS ]

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