Meaning of STRIP in English


strip 1

/strip/ , v. , stripped or stript, stripping , n.


1. to deprive of covering: to strip a fruit of its rind.

2. to deprive of clothing; make bare or naked.

3. to take away or remove: to strip sheets from the bed.

4. to deprive or divest: to strip a tree of its bark; to strip him of all privileges.

5. to clear out or empty: to strip a house of its contents.

6. to deprive of equipment; dismantle: to strip a ship of rigging.

7. to dispossess, rob, or plunder: to strip a man of his possessions.

8. to remove varnish, paint, wax, or the like from: The wood should be stripped and then refinished.

9. to separate the leaves from the stalks of (tobacco).

10. to remove the midrib, as from tobacco leaves.

11. Mach. to break off the thread of (a screw, bolt, etc.) or the teeth of (a gear), as by applying too much force.

12. to remove the mold from (an ingot).

13. to draw the last milk from (a cow), esp. by a stroking and compressing movement.

14. to draw out (milk) in this manner.

15. Photoengraving. to remove (the emulsion from a film base) in order to place it on a glass plate for exposure to the metal plate.

16. Textiles.

a. to clean (a carding roller) by removing waste fibers.

b. to transfer (fibers) from one carding roller to another.

c. to remove (color) from a cloth or yarn in order to redye it another color.

d. to remove color from (a cloth or yarn).

17. Bridge. to lead successively winning cards from (a hand) in order to dispose of as many cards as necessary preparatory to surrendering the lead to an opponent so that any card the opponent plays will be to his or her disadvantage.

18. Mining. to strip-mine.

19. Chem. to remove the most volatile components from, as by distillation or evaporation.

20. Finance. to split (a bond) for selling separately as a principal certificate and as interest coupons.

21. Surg. to remove (a vein) by pulling it inside out through a small incision, using a long, hooked instrument.


22. to strip something.

23. to remove one's clothes.

24. to perform a striptease.

25. to become stripped: Bananas strip easily.


26. a striptease.

[ 1175-1225; (v.) ME strippe, OE * stryppan (cf. MHG strupfen to strip off); r. ME stripen, strepen, strupen (cf. OE bestrypan to rob, plunder) ]

Syn. 1. uncover, peel, decorticate. 2. denude. 7. despoil. STRIP, DEPRIVE, DISPOSSESS, DIVEST imply more or less forcibly taking something away from someone. To STRIP is to take something completely (often violently) from a person or thing so as to leave in a destitute or powerless state: to strip a man of all his property; to strip the bark from a tree. To DEPRIVE is to take away forcibly or coercively what one has, or to withhold what one might have: to deprive workers of their livelihood. To DISPOSSESS is to deprive of the holding or use of something: to dispossess the renters of a house. DIVEST usually means depriving of rights, privileges, powers, or the like: to divest a king of authority.

Ant. 6. supply, furnish.

strip 2

/strip/ , n. , v. , stripped, stripping .


1. a narrow piece, comparatively long and usually of uniform width: a strip of cloth, metal, land, etc.

2. a continuous series of drawings or pictures illustrating incidents, conversation, etc., as a comic strip.

3. Aeron.

a. an airstrip; runway.

b. See landing strip .

4. Philately. three or more stamps joined either in a horizontal or vertical row.

5. Informal. striplight.

6. ( sometimes cap. ) a road, street, or avenue, usually in a city or a main thoroughfare between outlying suburbs, densely lined on both sides by a large variety of retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, bars, etc.: Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

7. See strip steak .

8. See drag strip .


9. to cut, tear, or form into strips.

10. Print. to combine (a piece of film) with another, esp. for making a combination plate of lines and halftones.

11. to broadcast (a television series) in multiple related segments, as daily from Monday through Friday.

[ 1425-75; late ME, c. or strippe strap; see STRIPE 1 ]

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