Meaning of TRANSIENT in English


— transiently , adv. — transientness , n.

/tran"sheuhnt, -zheuhnt, -zee euhnt/ , adj.

1. not lasting, enduring, or permanent; transitory.

2. lasting only a short time; existing briefly; temporary: transient authority.

3. staying only a short time: the transient guests at a hotel.

4. Philos. transeunt.


5. a person or thing that is transient, esp. a temporary guest, boarder, laborer, or the like.

6. Math.

a. a function that tends to zero as the independent variable tends to infinity.

b. a solution, esp. of a differential equation, having this property.

7. Physics.

a. a nonperiodic signal of short duration.

b. a decaying signal, wave, or oscillation.

8. Elect. a sudden pulse of voltage or current.

[ 1590-1600; transi ( ens ) (nom. sing.), prp. of transire to pass by, lit., go across + -ENT; see TRANSEUNT ]

Syn. 2. fleeting, flitting, flying, fugitive, evanescent. See temporary .

Ant. 2. permanent.

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .