Meaning of ADOBE GAMMA LOADER in English


Adobe Gamma Loader.exe


Adobe Gamma installs with Adobe Photoshop 5.0 or later. You use it to colour calibrate your monitor at system level and create ICC profiles that describe how your monitor reproduces colour. Any application that uses ICC profiles can use these profiles. Colour calibration of one’s monitor is used primarily in the printing industry (magazine designers, etc..) to ensure that colours are represented in the same way by all of the designer’s equipment : monitor, scanner, colour printer. Adobe Gamma Loader enables you to colour calibrate your monitor and then saves that calibration. When you next boot up it automatically loads the calibration settings for you.

Recommendation :

Unless you are designing jobs to print and you know about colour calibration, this feature will be of little use to you, so you might as well disable it with Startup Manager. If you do know about calibration and intend to use it, make sure you do not have two calibration utilities running at the same time (some monitors come with their own calibration utilities) as they will clash with each other.

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