Meaning of ARMON in English


Armon32.exe Armon32a.exe

(Inverse Technologies)

Access Ramp Monitor. Monitoring software which is installed by many ISPs’ software and which supposedly monitors your Internet connection. Here is the MindSpring ISP explanation of ARMON32A :

"Inverse AccessRamp provides technology allowing us to accurately measure availability and performance of our network from the perspective of our customers. The technology consists of a client that resides on our customers PC’s and servers residing within the MindSpring network. The client collects data on our customers’ real Internet experience with MindSpring. It includes information such as failed connection attempts, error codes, connection speeds, redials, and time to login. Other key physical information such as POP, customer ID and modem type are also collected. This data is then sent to servers within MindSpring and aggregated across the entire MindSpring customer base allowing an accurate depiction of our customers experience with the our service. This allows our Network Engineers and Technical Support departments to more effectively and proactively address problems both within and outside the MindSpring enterprise."

Recommendation :

While it may not be used for that purpose, this sort of software has "spyware" potential. Additionally, ISPs actually do not need this type of feedback in order to be able to work out where things are going wrong on their network – there are many monitoring technologies available which do not involve software sitting on end-user PCs. Finally, ARMON32A conflicts with some software packages, Intuit’s QuickBooks amongst others. For all these reasons we recommend disabling ARMON32A with Startup Manager – it really does nothing for you, the end-user, and could be detrimental anyway

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