Meaning of ARUPLD32 in English



(Visual Networks)

Browsing History Uploader application from Visual Networks. This application gets installed when you install some ISPs’ CDs. Its purpose is understood to be to enable the ISP manage its network through the feedback it receives from this utility about your web browsing habits. We call this spyware and we are completely against the use of such programs. As if this weren’t enough, we have seen many cases of end-users experiencing low resources problems, or Windows Protection Errors on shutdown after the installation of this program and whatever else the ISP’s CD also installs on the end-user’s PC.

Recommendation :

Disable or Delete using Startup Manager. If you do not find any entry in Startup Manager, then search your hard disk for ARUPLD32.EXE and rename it by adding ".old" at the end of the name – this will prevent it from being loaded. You may have to boot your PC into Safe Mode in order to be able to rename ARUPLD32.EXE – with most versions of Windows this is achieved by holding the CTRL key down as your PC is booting up. Finally, note : AT&T customers – ARUPLD32.EXE may be necessary for you to be able to access the Internet through your AT&T subscription. If that is the case, complain extremely strongly to AT&T about their use of spyware on your PC, then obtain a firewall like Norton’s Personal Firewall or Zone Alarm to prevent this process from sending information out of your PC.

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