Meaning of ATIPTAXX in English



(ATI Technologies)

ATI Task Bar Icon. This is a System Tray icon which gets installed when you install the ATI drivers. All this icon does is enable you to bring up the Display Properties from the System Tray. Since the Display Properties can be invoked in many other ways, this icon simply adds to the clutter of the System Tray.

Recommendation :

Go into the "Options" tab of the Display Properties and take the tick off the "Enable ATI Task Bar Icon" option. Next, delete the "ATIptaxx.exe" line with Startup Manager – this will prevent ATIPTAXX starting at boot-up. Note, however, that ATIPTAXX will still get started automatically every time you call up Display Properties, but at least it will not start automatically at boot-up. If you want to totally disable ATIPTAXX from starting at any time , and you are familiar with editing the Windows Registry, then home in on the following registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ATI Technologies\Desktop, then the sub-key NoAtipta and set it to 1 instead of its 0 default (our Thanks to the AnswersThatWork user who told us about this).

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