Meaning of ATISCHED in English



(ATI Technologies)

Part of the ATI software suite that gets installed with the drivers for some ATI video cards. The perfect explanation, from ATI themselves : "ATISCHED, the ATI Scheduler, is one of a number of components of the ATI Video Player. ATISCHED is the component that remains resident in memory and automatically launches the ATI Video Player at a user selected time and date. Some of the features include the ability to open ATI TV, on a specified channel, at a specific time in order to watch a favourite program or playing an AUDIO CD at a specified time. ATISCHED is loaded (from the StartUp folder) every time Windows starts. Deleting the shortcut from the StartUp folder prevents ATISCHED from loading into memory. If features of the ATI Video Player that require the ATI Scheduler are enabled, the ATI Player program will re-establish the shortcut automatically."

Recommendation :

If you do not use the ATI Scheduler, you can disable it with Startup Manager.

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