Meaning of ATRACK in English




Symantec's Alert Tracker task which is part of their Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall products. Alert Tracker appears as a half-globe on the right-hand side of your screen. You can move it up and down that right-hand side all the way up to the top of the screen, or all the way down till just above the Task Bar. Its purpose : "To provide instant notification of events as they happen. This way when a rule is triggered, or an access to the Internet is made, you know about it immediately rather than when you look at the logs".

Recommendation :

It is unusual for Symantec to come up with utterly useless icons but this is definitely as utterly useless as you can get. This icon is not only useless, it is annoying, and its position and shape is also very confusing as, until they read about it, users think something went wrong during the installation of Norton Internet Security (NIS) or Norton Personal Firewall (NPF). Yet its function is fully duplicated by the System Tray icon for NIS/NPF which displays an unmissable flashing red exclamation mark when an event you should know about has occurred. Disable by clicking on the System Tray icon for NIS/NPF and choose the "Hide Alert Tracker" menu option.

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