Meaning of ATTUNE_CE in English



(Aveo Inc)

Aveo’s Attune Client Engine. We first came across this when trying to correct resource hog problems on a 400MHz PC. We checked Aveo’s site and here is what they say : "Attune is a revolutionary service which provides end-users with targeted, "plain-English" messages (called "Intelligrams") to help them avoid common computer problems. Attune may also let users know when they need a specific product, service, or upgrade to optimize the use of their computer. Attune runs quietly in the background and automatically updates its Intelligrams when users connect to the Internet. Subsequently, when a user is about to encounter a situation that is known to cause problems, Attune displays the Intelligram that contains the solution." 23-Mar-2002 update : Aveo seem to have gone out of business as their site now has an "under construction" banner

Recommendation :

Uninstall Aveo Attune. While we leave you to make your own interpretation of the above, our experience of Attune at specific customers, and our experience of many other similar products, is that they are resource hogs, and it is our pragmatic belief that such products will never be able to predict the vast majority of problems that end-users experience. 23-Mar-2002 update : with Aveo having seemingly gone out of business, Aveo Attune is now guaranteed to be of no use whatsoever to anybody

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