Meaning of CTHELPER in English



(Creative Labs)

CTHELPER is a background task that is a plug-in manager for Creative drivers. It first appeared with Creative’s SoundBlaster Live and Audigy soundcards. The theory is that 3rd party manufacturers can use the CTHELPER plug-in interface to produce drivers, add-on features, and fixes that will integrate with a tighter fit with Creative’s sound drivers and utilities. One of the very first uses of this interface has been for InterVideo’s WinDVD in the shape of a fix called "WinDVDPatch" and, at the time of writing 12-Jan-2003, there have not been other uses for it yet.

Recommendation :

Given its purpose CTHELPER would normally be classified as a "leave alone" background task. Unfortunately, as with many other Creative background tasks in these pages, there are often problems with CTHELPER. The most common complaint is random excess CPU utilization, up to 100% ! We have also had complaints of PCs freezing when CTHELPER is around, although that is probably also 100% CPU utilization. Additionally, on PCs running Intel’s Pentium 4 Hyper-Threading CPUs, the sound stutters. In short : CTHELPER is far more trouble than it is a help. Disable with Starter.

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