Meaning of CTMIX32 in English



(Creative Labs / Creative Technology)

System Tray Mixer which gets installed by the drivers for some of Creative Labs’ soundcards. When present it goes and replaces the standard Windows mixer (Yellow speaker in Win9x/NT4/ME/2000, Black speaker in WinXP) and enables the user to change settings specific to his Creative soundcard (in addition to the standard mixer and volume settings).

Recommendation :

In our experience there have been problems with CTMIX32 throughout its history, from some features not working, to KERNEL32 errors, illegal operations, the lot ! If you like it, and it does not give you problems, fine. If on the other hand you are having recurring problems with it, see if you can disable it with Starter. If you cannot, then the likelihood is that it is installed as your default Windows Mixer, in which case editing of the Registry is required – before you do that, however, see if the latest drivers for your soundcard get rid of your problems.

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