Русско-английский перевод БОЛЬШОЙ


см. тж. значительный

• Amply-dimensional flywheels ...

• This small grader is built to handle those jobs for which a full-size grader would be an extravagance.

• A major installation such as our laboratory ...

• Profound ( or Gross ) changes occur in the physical and chemical properties of the substance.

• The cells draw current from the battery at a very significant ( or substantial ) rate.

• A sizable arc forms between the contacts.

• The solar system may remain in existence without major changes for ... additional years.

• Metal is not believed to make much ( of a ) contribution to the interior material of the mantle.

Циммерман М., Веденеева К.. Русско-Английский научно-технический словарь переводчика.      Russian-English scientific dictionary for translators.