Meaning of CHENG HAO AND CHENG YI in English

or Ch'eng Hao and Ch'eng I

born 1032, Henan, China

died 1085, Henan

born 1033, Henan

died 1107, Henan

Brothers who developed Neo-Confucianism into an organized philosophical school.

Cheng Hao studied Buddhism , Daoism , and then Confucianism . He was dismissed from Chinese government service for opposing the reforms of Wang Anshi , and he joined his brother in Henan, where they gathered a circle of disciples. Cheng Yi's stern morality led him to decline high office and criticize those in power. He was twice censured and pardoned. The brothers built their philosophies on the concept of li (basic truths), but Cheng Hao stressed calm introspection while Cheng Yi stressed investigation of the myriad things of the universe and participation in human affairs. Cheng Hao's idealism was continued by Lu Xiangshan and Wang Yangming , and Cheng Yi's realism was developed by Zhu Xi .

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