Meaning of MAKTUM DYNASTY in English

or 0100; l Makt 016B; m ("Makt 016B; m family")

Ruling family of the emirate of Dubayy (Dubai) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

One of the two members of the 0100; l B 016B; Fal 0101; s 0101; h family to emigrate from Abu Dhabi to Dubayy in 1833 was Ba 1E6D; 012B; ibn Suhayl, father of Makt 016B; m ibn Ba 1E6D; 012B; , the first ruler of Dubayy (r. 1833–52). The current ruler, Makt 016B; m ibn R 0101; shid, who is also vice president of the UAE, is the ninth of the dynasty. The Makt 016B; m are a branch of the same Ban 016B; Y 0101; s confederation that includes the Nahy 0101; n , rulers of Abu Dhabi.

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