Meaning of FAMILY in English


Basic social unit consisting of persons united by ties of marriage (affinity), "blood" (consanguinity), or adoption and usually representing a single household.

The essence of the family group is the parent-child relationship, whose outlines vary widely among cultures. One prominent familial form is the nuclear family, consisting of the marital pair living with their offspring in a separate dwelling. While some scholars believe this to be the oldest form, others point to the inconclusive prehistorical record and the widespread existence of other forms such as the polygynous family (a husband, two or more wives, and their offspring) and the extended family (including at least parents, married children, and their offspring). The family as an institution provides for the rearing and socialization of children, the care of the aged, sick, or disabled, the legitimation of procreation, and the regulation of sexual conduct in addition to supplying basic physical, economic, and emotional security for its members. See also adoption ; marriage .


In pedology , a group of soils that have similar profiles and include one or more subdivisions called series.

The primary characteristics that define each of the nearly 6,600 identified soil families are the physical and chemical properties

especially texture, mineral composition, temperature, and depth

that are important for the growth of plants.


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

agave family

Alcmaeonid family

amaranth family

amaryllis family

Amati family

Andreini family

arum family

Ashikaga family

Barrymore family

Battenberg family

Mountbatten family

Béjart family

Bellini family

Belmont family

Bernoulli family

Borghese family

Broglie family

Campbell family

Carracci family

Carter Family

composite family

Condé family

Conti family

Czartoryski family

Della Robbia family

Devrient family

Didot family

dogbane family

Drew family

Elzevir family

Elsevier family

Este family

Esterházy family

family planning

family practice

family medicine

Farnese family

flax family

Forbes family

Fratellini family

Fugger family

Fujiwara family

Galli Bibiena family

gentian family

Gobelin family

Goddard family

Golitsyn family

heath family

Herschel family

Hojo family

honeysuckle family

horse chestnut family

Howard family

Hutchinson Family

family sagas

iris family

Krupp family

laurel family

Leakey family

lily family

lobelia family

Lupino family

madder family

mahogany family

Al Maktum Maktum family

mallow family

Mancini family

maple family

Mayo family

Medici family

Menninger family

milkweed family

Monro family

morning glory family

Muhlenberg family

mulberry family

mustard family

Al Nahyan Nahyan family

nettle family

Newhouse family

nightshade family

oleaster family

passionflower family

Phag mo gru family

pink family

poppy family

Rákóczi family

Rothschild family

rue family

citrus family

Russell family

Ruthven family

Al Saud Saud family

Al Sabah Sabah family

Scribner family

sedge family

Sforza family

Sitwell family

snapdragon family

Soga family

Somoza family

Soong family

Straus family

Studebaker family

Al Thani Thani family

Townsend family

Trapp family

Trubetskoy family

Vivarini family

Warburg family

Del Banco family

{{link=witch hazel family">witch hazel family

Wood family

Ypsilanti family

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