Meaning of FAMILY in English


n. (pl. -ies)

1. a set of parents and children, or of relations, living together or not.

2 a the members of a household, esp. parents and their children. b a person's children. c (attrib.) serving the needs of families (family butcher).

3 a all the descendants of a common ancestor. b a race or group of peoples from a common stock.

4 all the languages ultimately derived from a particular early language, regarded as a group.

5 a brotherhood of persons or nations united by political or religious ties.

6 a group of objects distinguished by common features.

7 Math. a group of curves etc. obtained by varying one quantity.

8 Biol. a group of related genera of organisms within an order in taxonomic classification.

Phrases and idioms:

family allowance Brit. a former name for child benefit. family credit (or income supplement) (in the UK) a regular payment by the State to a family with an income below a certain level. Family Division (in the UK) a division of the High Court dealing with adoption, divorce, etc. family man a man having a wife and children, esp. one fond of family life. family name a surname. family planning birth control. family tree a chart showing relationships and lines of descent. in the family way colloq. pregnant.

Etymology: ME f. L familia household f. famulus servant

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