Meaning of MAKTŪM DYNASTY in English

or Āl Maktūm ("Maktūm family")

Ruling family of the emirate of Dubayy (Dubai) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

One of the two members of the Āl Bū Falāsāh family to emigrate from Abu Dhabi to Dubayy in 1833 was Baṭī ibn Suhayl, father of Maktūm ibn Baṭī, the first ruler of Dubayy (r. 1833–52). The current ruler, Maktūm ibn Rāshid, who is also vice president of the UAE, is the ninth of the dynasty. The Maktūm are a branch of the same Banū Yās confederation that includes the Nahyān , rulers of Abu Dhabi.

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