Meaning of BLACK in English


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

black eyed pea

black lead

black legged kittiwake

Black Aesthetic movement

Black Arts movement

Black and Tan

black bass

black bear

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument

black codes

Black Death

Black Forest

Black Friday

black gum

Black Hand

Black Hawk

Black Hills

black hole

black humour

Black Legend

black letter

black market

black nationalism

Black Panther Party for Self Defense

black pepper

black sand

Black Sea

black snake

Black Sox scandal

Black Stone of Mecca

black theatre

Black Warrior River

black widow

Black Hugo La Fayette

Black Sir James Whyte

black eyed Susan

black figure pottery

Celebes black macaque

Edward the Black Prince

{{link=black film">black film

Black Sheep

Black Muslims

Shirley Temple Black

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