Meaning of BLACK in English

adj. 1 jet, jet-black, coal-black, inky, sooty, swart, swarthy, raven, ebony, dusky, Literary ebon, hyacinthine Her hair was as black as coal 2 Negro, Negroid, coloured, dark-skinned Most of the Black races live near or south of the equator 3 dark, pitch-black, jet-black, coal-black, Stygian; starless, moonless He bundled his coat round himself and walked into the black night 4 dark, sombre, dusky, gloomy, menacing, glowering, louring or lowering, threatening, funereal The sky became black with storm clouds 5 malignant, baleful, baneful, deadly, deathly, sinister, dismal, hateful, disastrous It was a black day when he came into my life 6 bad, foul, iniquitous, wicked, evil, diabolical, infernal, hellish, atrocious, awful, malicious, abominable, outrageous, vicious, villainous, flagitious, vile, disgraceful, unscrupulous, unconscionable, unprincipled, blackguardly, knavish, perfidious, insidious, nefarious, dastardly, treacherous, unspeakable, disgraceful, shameful, scurvy, criminal, felonious You have told the blackest lies about me 7 angry, wrathful, furious, frowning, bad-tempered, sulky, resentful, clouded, threatening, glowering She gave him a black look and he withered in abject fear

v. 8 boycott, embargo, blacklist, ban, interdict Because of the dispute over plumbers' wages, the other building-trades unions have blacked every manufacturer in the business

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