Meaning of GULF in English


Any large coastal indentation, similar to a bay but larger.

Most existing gulfs were formed or greatly extended as a result of the rise in sea level that accompanied the ending of the last ice age. Some, such as the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Oman, resulted from warping, folding, or downfaulting of the Earth's crust, which caused parts of the shoreline to drop below sea level. Most gulfs are connected with the sea by one or more straits. A gulf may have a group of islands at its mouth or may open into another gulf. Gulfs may differ from the adjoining sea in water properties and sedimentation.


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

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Amundsen Gulf

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Arta Gulf of

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Guinea Gulf of

Gulf & Western Inc.

Gulf Cooperation Council

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Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

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Gulf War syndrome

Illinois Central Gulf Railroad Co.

Joseph Bonaparte Gulf

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Laconia Gulf of

Leyte Gulf Battle of

Lingayen Gulf

Lion Gulf of

Messenia Gulf of

Mexico Gulf of

Mirabello Gulf

Nicoya Gulf of

Oman Gulf of

Paria Gulf of

Persian Gulf

Persian Gulf War First

Gulf War

Persian Gulf War Second

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Saint Vincent Gulf

Saint Malo Gulf of

Saronic Gulf

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Gulf of Sirte

Singitic Gulf

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