Meaning of 'ADAH in English


(Arabic: "custom"), in Islamic law, a local custom that is given a particular consideration by judicial authorities even when it conflicts with some principle of canon law (Shari'ah); in Indonesia it is known as adat, in North Africa it is 'urf, and in East Africa, dustur. Muslim communities developed their 'adahs before accepting Islam and did not abandon them entirely afterward. Thus in Indonesian Minangkabau, where many Muslims still retain old Hindu or pagan traditions, a matriarchate is recognized, contrary to the Shari'ah; in parts of India, Muslims adopt children, forbidden by canon law, and then again circumvent the Shari'ah by providing them with an inheritance. Such 'adahs are accepted by religious courts as legitimate local laws that must be respected by others. Each community has developed its own norms for handling disputes, and these may often disagree with standard religious teachings. Nevertheless, authorities condone various religious customs to foster harmony and peace in the community.

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