Meaning of AMYLOIDOSIS in English


disease characterized by the deposition of amyloid in the connective tissues, inhibiting normal organ functioning. Amyloid is a fibrous protein-carbohydrate complex that is derived from immunoglobulins, a group of proteins that have antibody activity. The disease may affect the whole system or may be localized in tumourlike masses, particularly in the larynx (voice box) or in some other portion of the upper respiratory tract. The localized form is primaryunassociated with any other disease. The systemic form may be primary or associated with some chronic infection such as tuberculosis or syphilis or with a lasting inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis. No successful treatment of primary systemic amyloidosis has been devised; some improvement in secondary systemic amyloidosis has been achieved occasionally by successful management of the underlying disease. Localized amyloidosis is treated by surgical removal.

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