Meaning of 'AQQAD, 'ABBAS MAHMUD AL- in English


born June 28, 1889, Aswan, Egypt died March 12, 1964, Cairo Egyptian journalist, poet, and literary critic who was an innovator of 20th-century Arabic poetry and criticism. Born in modest circumstances, al-'Aqqad continued his education through reading when his formal schooling was cut short. He supported himself throughout most of his career by writing. An outspoken political commentator, he was imprisoned for some months in 193031 for remarks opposing the government. In 1942, with the advance of German troops, al-'Aqqad sought refuge in the Sudan as a precaution against German reprisals for his criticisms of Adolf Hitler. Al-'Aqqad's literary works included poems; a novel, Sarah (1938), based on one of his own romances; and critiques of classical and modern Arabic authors. His essays show the influence of 19th-century English essayists, particularly Thomas Carlyle. Al-'Aqqad devoted much thought to religion and politics, and his works include studies of the philosophy of the Qur'an, of political and social philosophy, and biographies of various Muslim leaders.

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