Meaning of BOTH, PIETER in English

born c. 1550, , Amersfoort, Neth. died February 1615, Mauritius Dutch colonialist who was the first governor-general of the Netherlands East Indies. After sailing as an admiral in the Indies (15991601), he was sent in November 1609 to govern the colony, with instructions to see to it that the Netherlands had the entire monopoly of the trade with the islands and that no other nation had any share whatever. He began by establishing trading posts at Bantam and Jacatra (1610; renamed Batavia in 1619, later called Jakarta). This exclusionist policy meant driving out the English, which Both set out to do and which his successors had largely completed by the 1630s. Both drowned in a shipwreck off Mauritius and was succeeded as governor-general by the celebrated Jan Pieterszoon Coen.

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