Meaning of CUA, PAULUS in English


born 1834, Baria, Vietnam died 1907, Saigon [now Ho Chi Minh City] original name Huynh Tinh Cua Vietnamese scholar who contributed to the popular usage of quoc-ngu, a romanized system of transcribing the Vietnamese language devised by mid-17th-century Portuguese missionaries and further modified by Alexandre de Rhodes, a 17th-century French missionary. Cua helped make quoc-ngu popular by employing it instead of the traditional system of Chinese ideographs in his many literary works and textbooks. Cua was among Vietnam's early converts to Christianity and was educated at a French mission at Penang (now Pinang, Malaysia). After graduation he served the French colonial administration as an interpreter. He also rendered the Giadinh Bao, the official colonial journal, into quoc-ngu. By passing the mandarin examinations, Cua achieved a rank within the traditional Confucian-based hierarchy of the Vietnamese court and served later on a board that examined candidates' knowledge of Vietnamese and Chinese and conferred degrees. Cua wrote many plays as well as a dictionary, novels, and mathematical texts, all in quoc-ngu. He was also the author of a number of ethnological works that detailed the customs and mores of his people. Rites familiaux (1886; Family Rites), describing the Confucian-influenced, familial ancestor cult, is among his frequently cited books.

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