Meaning of GARNIER, TONY in English


born Aug. 13, 1869, Lyon died Jan. 19, 1948, Roquefort-la Bdoule, Fr. a forerunner of 20th-century French architects, notable for his Cit Industrielle, a farsighted plan for an industrial city. He is also remembered, along with Auguste Perret, for the pioneering use of reinforced concrete. On his Prix de Rome grant Garnier developed plans (beginning in 1898, exhibited in 1904, and published in 1917) for an entire industrial city, embracing new concepts in city planning: long, narrow lots running eastwest, buildings separated by wide open spaces, separate levels provided for pedestrians, and houses with roof gardens. The plan called for the extensive use of reinforced concrete. In 1905 Garnier was appointed architect of Lyon, a position he held until 1919. The most important work in Lyon to emerge from his Cit Industrielle was the large stockyards complex of 190824. Other works include the stadium (191318), the Grange Blanche Hospital, with its 22 pavilions (started in 1911, completed in 1927), the War Memorial (1924), and the housing project known as Les tats Unis (192035; The United States). Additional reading Dora Wiebenson, Tony Garnier: The Cit Industrielle (1969), is well illustrated.

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