Meaning of GOSHEN COLLEGE in English

private, coeducational institution of higher learning in Goshen, Ind., U.S. It is a Mennonite liberal arts college that offers B.A. degree programs in humanities and sciences, Bible and religion, business, computer and information science, Hispanic ministries, peace studies, and women's studies. It also offers B.S. degrees in nursing and organizational management, and it features preprofessional programs in engineering, law, medicine, veterinary medicine, and seminary. Research is conducted at the Biological Research Laboratory and Turner Precision X-Ray Measurements Laboratory. The Mennonites' history as a peace church informs the school's academic programs. Total enrollment exceeds 1,000. Goshen College was founded in nearby Elkhart in 1894 as Elkhart Institute of Science, Industry and the Arts. It moved to Goshen in 1903, and in 1909 it adopted a four-year curriculum. The Mennonite Historical Library and Archives of the Mennonite Church are located at the college, and the Mennonite Quarterly Review is published there. International studies are required of all Goshen College students. Most enroll in a 13-week Study Service Term (SST); most SSTs are based in the Caribbean and Central America, but they may take place in Europe, Africa, and Asia as well. The SST includes living with a family, studying the local culture and language, and performing service in a host country.

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