Meaning of HUANG-SHAN in English

formerly T'un-hsi, Pinyin Huangshan, or Tunxi, city in southern Anhwei sheng (province), China. Huang-shan lies along the navigable Hsin-an River, in the centre of the river basins occupying the southern section of Anhwei. Huang-shan is in the centre of a mountainous area with comparatively little cultivated land. In recent centuries it has been essentially an area of tea and timber production. The city's name is practically synonymous with tea, for there the leaves are processed from such well-known nearby producing areas as Ch'i-men, Hsiu-ning, and She-hsien in Anhwei and Ching-te-chen and Wu-yan in neighbouring Kiangsi province. In this area some 60 percent of the rural population is engaged in tea production. Tea from Huang-shan is exported all over China, as well as abroad. Since 1949 an extensive tea-processing plant has been established there, as well as small-scale industries such as dyeing. Pop. (1990 est.) 102,628.

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