Meaning of LOPEZ MICHELSEN, ALFONSO in English

born June 30, 1913, Bogot president of Colombia, 197478. The son of Alfonso Lpez Pumarejo, who was twice president of Colombia (193438 and 194245), Lpez Michelsen was educated in Bogot, Paris, London, and Brussels, with postgraduate studies at Georgetown University and the University of Chile. Returning to Colombia from voluntary exile in Mexico in 1958, he organized a new party of dissident Liberals, the Liberal Revolutionary Movement (MRL), to oppose the National Front. The National Front was a coalition of Liberals and Conservatives established in 1957 to end a decade of violent civil strife. The pact between the two major established parties had guaranteed the peaceful alternation of presidential terms between them but also, in Lpez' opinion, stifled any real political competition and leadership. Lpez Michelsen ran unsuccessfully for president in 1962 but gained a seat in the Senate, to which he was reelected in 1966. In 1967 he led the MRL back into the Liberal Party and was appointed governor of the new department of Csar by President Carlos Lleras Restrepo. In August 1968 he became minister of foreign relations, in which capacity he formed closer cultural and commercial ties with the Soviet Union and worked for better relations with other Latin-American countries. With the termination in 1974 of the National Front agreement to alternate national elective offices, Lpez was elected president in a landslide victory in the first competitive presidential election in Colombia in 16 years. On taking office, Lpez took steps to curb inflation and raised taxes on high incomes, but the elimination of price subsidies and a rise in unemployment led to a surge in labour unrest, land seizures by peasants, and guerrilla activity. In 1975 Lpez Michelsen declared a state of siege. By the end of his term, Lpez' government was being accused of corruption involving the illegal-drug trade and of taking repressive measures to deal with a wave of political violence. Lpez lost the 1982 presidential election to the Conservative candidate.

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