born Feb. 11, 1821, Boulogne, Fr. died Jan. 19, 1881, Cairo French archaeologist who conducted major excavations throughout Egypt, revealing much about the earlier periods of Egyptian history. Mariette joined the Egyptian department of the Louvre in 1849 and in the following year traveled to Egypt to obtain ancient manuscripts. Instead, he began excavating at Saqqarah, an area that included part of the burial grounds of ancient Memphis. There he unearthed the Avenue of the Sphinxes and the Sarapeum, a temple containing the tombs of sacred bulls, making Saqqarah a focus for archaeological study. He remained in Egypt four years, continuing excavations and dispatching most of what he found to the Louvre, where he became curator upon his return to France. Accepting the position of conservator of monuments from the Egyptian government, Mariette in 1858 settled in Egypt, where he remained for the rest of his life. He eliminated unauthorized excavation, thereby securing a virtual monopoly on archaeological investigation, and he restricted the sale and export of antiquities in order to preserve new discoveries for the Egyptian nation. In 1859 Mariette succeeded in persuading the Ottoman viceroy of Egypt to establish a museum at Bulaq, near Cairo, to house what became the world's foremost repository of Egyptian antiquities, the Egyptian Museum. Among his discoveries was one of the finest examples of Egyptian temple architecture, the temple of Seti I. He also studied the pyramid fields of Saqqarah and the burial grounds of Maydum, Abydos, and Thebes. He unearthed the great temples of Dandarah and Edfu and carried out excavations at Karnak, Dayr al-Bahri, Tanis, and, in the Sudan, Jabal Barkal. Under his direction the great Sphinx was bared to the rock level; the wall paintings found in a tomb at Saqqarah provided a detailed panorama of life in the Old Kingdom (c. 2575c. 2130 BC). His published works include Abydos (1869), Aperu de l'histoire d'gypte (1874; Survey of the History of Egypt), and Les Mastabas de l'Ancien Empire (1889, ed. by Gaston Maspero; The Mastabas of the Old Kingdom). Mariette also suggested the plot for Giuseppe Verdi's opera Aida.

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