Meaning of RUN-D.M.C. in English

American rap group that brought hip-hop into the musical and cultural mainstream and that introduced new school rap. The members were Run (original name Joseph Simmons; b. Nov. 14, 1964), D.M.C. (original name Darryl McDaniels; b. May 31, 1964), and Jam Master Jay (original name Jason Mizell; b. Jan. 21, 1965). Formed in 1982 in Hollisa middle-class, predominantly African-American section of the New York City borough QueensRun-D.M.C. was managed by Russell Simmons, who was the brother of group member Run and was cofounder of Def Jam, one of the most successful black-owned record companies of all time. Run, whose nickname came from his quick turntable manipulation, began his musical career as a deejay for old school rapper Kurtis Blow. Later Run, D.M.C., and Jam Master Jay began performing in New York City clubs. In 1983 Profile Records released the group's groundbreaking single It's Like That/Sucker MCs, which featured a spare, forceful rhythm track and overlapping vocals (group members interweaving lines and words). Not only was their sound different, so, too, was their dress. Whereas earlier rap stars fashioned their looks after the spangled superhero costumes of 1970s funk acts like Parliament-Funkadelic and Rick James, Run-D.M.C. appeared in their signature bowler hats, black leather jackets, unlaced Adidas athletic shoes, and black denim pants, establishing the more casual look of hip urban youth as de rigueur stage wear for rappers. They were the first rappers to have a gold albumRun-D.M.C. (1984)and the first rap act to appear on MTV, becoming popular with the cable channel's largely white audience via their fusion of hardcore hip-hop and screaming guitar solos on hits such as Rock Box (1984) and a 1986 remake of Aerosmith's Walk This Way (featuring the song's hard-rocking originators). Other hits by Run-D.M.C. include King of Rock (1985), My Adidas (1986), which led to the first endorsement deal between hip-hop artists and a major corporation, and It's Tricky (1987). Although the group never officially disbanded, their recording and performing activities decreased significantly in the 1990s. Greg Tate

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