Meaning of SOONG, T.V. in English

born Dec. 4, 1894, Shanghai, China died April 24, 1971, San Francisco, Calif., U.S. in full Soong Tzu-wen, Soong also spelled Sung financier and official of the Chinese Nationalist government between 1927 and 1949, once reputed to have been the richest man in the world. The son of a prominent industrialist, Soong was educated in the United States at Harvard University. He returned to China in 1917 and soon became active in banking and financial circles. After 1923 he began to fill the role his father had had, that of financing the Nationalist Party (Kuomintang). At the request of Sun Yat-sen, to whom his sister Ch'ing-ling was married, T.V. established at Canton in 1924 the Central Bank of China, reorganized four years later as a central bank of issue and a government treasury. In 1925 Soong became finance minister in the new Nationalist government. After 1927 he cooperated with Chiang Kai-shek, who had become head of the Nationalists, and to whom another of the Soong sisters, Mei-ling, was married. As finance minister Soong reformed the taxation system, abolished the likin, or internal transit tariff, and readjusted foreign and domestic debts. Moreover, between 1928 and 1930 he returned tariff autonomy to China by negotiating a series of agreements with foreign powers, thus restoring China's right to set tariff rates and supervise their collection, a privilege that had been forcibly taken from China in the 19th century by the Western nations. He resigned as finance minister in 1931 though his influencelargely due to his wealth and his growing international prestigeremained great. In 1936 he rejoined the government, and, during the Sino-Japanese War, he served China in its negotiations with the foreign powers. He became minister of foreign affairs in 1942. The following year Soong negotiated the end of extraterritoriality rights; i.e., the end of the rights of foreigners to govern themselves while on Chinese soil. In 1945 he negotiated a treaty of friendship between the Nationalist government and the Soviet Union. When the Communists captured the mainland in 1949, however, Soong moved to the United States, where he was active in business and banking.

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