Meaning of THOMSON in English


I . J J Thomson

( Joseph John Thomson 1856–1940)

an English physicist who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1906 for discovering the electron. He was also responsible for running the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, England, which became the world’s leading centre for research into atomic physics. His son George Thomson (1892–1975) and seven of his assistants all won Nobel Prizes. He was made a knight in 1908.

II . Roy Thomson


a Canadian newspaper owner who created an international business empire based in Britain. The Thomson Organization includes publishing, travel, printing, radio and television companies all over the world. At one time Thomson was the owner of two British national newspapers, the Sunday Times , which he bought in 1959, and The Times , which he bought in 1966. He was made a life peer in 1964.

III . William Thomson


a British physicist and inventor. He did much work on the laws of thermodynamics and in 1848 produced a temperature scale that later became known as the Kelvin Scale. He also did important work in the areas of magnetism and electricity. He invented many scientific instruments, especially for use at sea, and was involved in the laying of the first cable under the Atlantic. He was made a knight in 1866 and a baron in 1892.

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